ACTIAM achieves high scores in annual PRI survey

Highest A+ rating on 13 of the 14 modules.

Asset manager ACTIAM is rewarded with high scores in the annual survey of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). This year, ACTIAM achieved the highest possible score (A+) on no less than 13 of the 14 modules. The other module received an A score.

The highest standard for responsible investment

ACTIAM - PRI signatory since 2006 - improved its score this year on the following components:

  • Direct - fixed income corporate (financial)
  • Direct - fixed income corporate (non-financial)
  • Direct - fixed income securitised

For active ownership activities, which is an important part of ACTIAM’s investment policy, we received an A+ score. Engaging with companies and voting at shareholders' meetings can be used to achieve relevant behavioural change at companies. The complete overview of ACTIAM's PRI scores can be found on the website.


Confirmation and stimulus

Hans van Houwelingen, CEO of ACTIAM: "We are very pleased with these high PRI-scores. ACTIAM delivers relevant investment solutions, maximizing longer-term financial, environmental and social returns. We continue to optimize our investment solutions and services. For example, we bring our experience to the UN PRI Market Map , which will be available soon. This underlines our motto "Responsible for Growth": from financial return to social impact.”

Wednesday 18 July 2018