Why ACTIAM invests responsibly

Through its responsible investment policy, ACTIAM and its partners seek to contribute to creating a liveable world, both now and in the future. We manage money over the long term, including pension capital belonging to Dutch residents that has been entrusted to us. While it is essential to ensure that pensions can be paid in future, we believe it is no less important that the planet is still healthy and liveable by the time people retire.

Through its investment policy, ACTIAM, the leading responsible asset manager in the Netherlands, has actively contributed to creating a better world for many years. We first introduced our responsible investment policy in 1990, and we started to engage with companies five years later. Responsible investment is our field of expertise, and we continue to build on this. We combine our knowledge of investment with a clear view of environmental, social and governance aspects. This view forms the starting point for everything we do.

We are fully aware of our responsibility towards society, and we take this responsibility seriously. As a result, we achieve high scores in all areas of responsible investment in the annual surveys of the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). In 2018, we achieved the highest possible score (A+) on no less than 13 of the 14 modules. The other module received an A score. Our complete report of PRI scores in 2018 can be found here. Find the completed questionnaire here.

We are ACTIAM!

ACTIAM is an asset manager with a rich history in responsible investing. Together with our partners, we work towards making a positive impact. Our efforts cater towards higher returns and a liveable world. Simplicity, insight and sustainability are the values we stand for.
Because we care!